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Frequently Asked Questions

Ferret WiFi – I can’t connect to the WiFi or it won’t stay connected on my Android. 2018-10-23T06:43:47+00:00

A small number of Androids get a little confused when first connecting to the Ferret WiFi hotspot. They don’t understand why you would want to connect to a WiFi hotspot without Internet. Fair call but the Ferret WiFi wants to give you a HD streaming picture, not help with your web searching….

Some Androids also get a little angry due to the WiFi connection not being secure. This is not a security issue and it’s an easy fix – just check a box as shown below and tell your Android it’s OK.

Ferret WiFi – My Android can’t see the Ferret WiFi SSID 2020-01-08T20:47:13+00:00

Some Android 9 and 10 devices can not see the Ferret WiFi SSID.

The fix for this is to update the Ferret WiFi camera firmware.

To do this you need to find another Android device or iOS device that can see the SSID and connect to the camera. In the settings screen of the Ferret WiFi App, if the firmware needs an update there will be a “Firmware Update” button as shown below.

Ferret WiFi – How do I update the Ferret WiFi camera firmware? 2020-01-08T21:40:06+00:00

If a firmware update is available there will be a firmware update button in the Ferret WiFi App settings screen.

The firmware is part of the App itself, no internet connection is needed. When a new firmware is released, a new version of the App will be released.

To update the firmware, ensure the camera is over 50% charged or connect it to a power source. Connect your smart device with the Ferret WiFi camera, go to the setting screen and press “Firmware Update” and follow the instructions.

Ferret WiFi – I can connect my Android to the Ferret camera but can’t get an image. 2018-12-05T03:16:02+00:00

If the Android phone’s WiFi is connecting OK to Ferret camera, a very small number of Android phones decide to try and use 3G/4G to connect to the Ferret camera due to not finding the Internet on the WiFi connection.

On your Android device, go to Settings -> Data usage -> Cellular data usage and scroll down to find and select the Ferret WiFi App. Turn off Background data to resolve the issue.

Ferret WiFi – I try to download the App on my iPhone but it asks for a password or code. 2018-10-17T20:49:30+00:00

The Ferret WiFi App is free – it will never ask for a password or code of any kind.

When this happens, it’s normally due to your App Store not having a payment method. Even though you’re trying to download a free App, the App Store insists on having a payment method.

For help with this, check out

Ferret WiFi – How can I get the App? 2018-03-19T19:39:31+00:00

Search on either the Google App Store or Apple Store for “Ferret WiFi” and you should find the free app. When you install, make sure you give the app access to the smart devices photo gallery.

Ferret WiFi – Can I turn the camera LEDs off? 2018-03-19T19:36:58+00:00

Yes. In the app you can turn off the LEDs completely, have them half brightness or have them full brightness.

Ferret WiFi – Is it bluetooth? 2018-03-19T19:43:03+00:00

The Ferret WiFi is not bluetooth – it’s WiFi.  The Ferret WiFi camera has its own WiFi hotspot. Just turn on the camera and wait a few seconds for it to boot then once the camera LEDs are on, search in the WiFi section on your smart device.

Ferret WiFi – It was working before but I can’t now connect to the camera 2018-03-19T19:46:15+00:00

If you can’t get your smart phone to connect to the Ferret WiFi camera, check for other phones linking to it.

Only 1 smart phone can connect to Ferret WiFi camera at once. If you have linked the camera to several phones, one of the other phones could have automatically linked to the camera even though the App is not running. Smart phones often auto link to a known WiFi.

Ferret Pro and WiFi – The wireless range seems to be less than I was getting 2018-03-19T19:37:34+00:00

The range will vary depending on objects between the camera and display as well as electrical and wireless interference. It will also reduce when the camera battery is getting low.

Ferret Pro – Can I turn the camera LEDs off? 2018-03-19T19:29:46+00:00

No. The LEDs are always on when the camera is turned on.

Ferret Pro – There are horizontal lines on the display and a chirping noise when sound is turned on 2018-03-19T19:30:57+00:00

The display battery is low. A recharge is required.

Ferret Pro – The display screen is blue – I can’t see the camera image 2018-03-19T19:31:09+00:00

The blue screen indicates that there is no camera image being received. Ensure the camera is charged and turned on. When on the bright white LEDs are turned on.

Ferret Pro – How do I know if the camera or display is fully charged? 2018-03-19T19:31:22+00:00

Once fully charged the red charge indicator LED on the back of the camera or on the front lower right of the display will turn off.



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